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Bonnie and Clyde Ford Sedan Illustration
Terlingua Cobra
Autodesk Alias software design program
TDA Hot Rod Design ©
Design Project


This work can be any where from rendering a vehicle out in details to having a full project developed as listed below.


  1. Phase 1 - Information Collection

  2. Phase 2 - Ideation Development Sketches

  3. Phase 3 - Concept Development Sketches + CAD

  4. Phase 4 - Concept Refinement CAD + Sketches

  5. Phase 5 - Finish to Completion

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Harley-Davidson 2020 concept
Design Renderings


This work can be anywhere from old school marker renderings to mixed media of hand done works mixed with digital art, to all digital art.

Concept Snomobile ©
CAD Concept Wheel Autodesk Alias Model
CAD | 3D Printing


  • Turn 2D art into 3D art, both aesthetic and functional


  • I use Autodesk Alias as my design software. Primary use for Alias is automotive surfacing. This program can import and export many file types. So working with engineers using Solidworks is not a problem.


  • 3D Printing service is perfect for printing out a scaled or non scaled model of a part, or even a scaled vehicle. Great way to see what something will look like in real life before spending time and money on the full sized product.


  • From CAD models, realistic renderings can be produced. Having the option to look at many different materials, color, texture, as a preview to choose the desired look.


  • Printed models can be made out of a wide variety of each categorey of materials from metal to plastic



  • Illustrations usually consist of a vehicle that is already completed and are used as a piece of art that can be put with the vehicle at a show or on the wall


  • Old skool airbrush and marker renderings or digital renderings are a possible option


  • Custom sizes


  • Archival quality prints


  • Originals are scanned with Smithsonian-quality machines

  • 18x24 is a typical size


  • T-shirts, Phone cases, Mouse pads, Stickers etc. 

Project Portfolios


  • Custom-made portfolios of the design project from beginning to end


  • Great way to show your project by visually telling the story


  • Many options available for physical copies.

  • Digital copy comes with a physical copy.

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