Design Consulting
  • In person design development meetings

Cad Design / 3-D Printing
  • 2D design into 3D design translation


  • CAD Models/Files are great for printing out blueprints or orthographic drawings that are exact in all views (Plan View, Profile, Front, Rear), making it easy to work from when building either scaled or full size products.


  • 3D Printing service can be used for printing out a scaled model of a part, particular feature, or even a scaled vehicle. Great way to see what something will look like in real dimension before spending time and money on the full sized product.


  • From CAD models I can create realistic renderings from any view, and make it any kind of material as a preview to how a design would look.


  • Printed Models can be made out of a wide variety of each categorie of materials from metal to plastic.

Design Rendering
  • Ideation renderings wether its hand done with markers and airbrush, or digitally done this is great way to get the emotion of the project on paper to see what the overall theme is.


  • The design renderings are used for showing the surfaces and details in the design.


  • Design Renderings in use are great for showing the intent of a project.

Project Portfolio's
  • Custom Made Portfolios of the design project from research to final pics of the build.


  • Great way to show of the build with drawing and pictures.


  • Digital or Paper

  • Illustrations usually consist of a vehicle that are already completed and would like a piece of art that they can put with the vehicle at a show or on the wall.


  • Old Skool Airbrush and Marker renderings or Digital.


  • Custom Sizes


  • Archival Quaility Prints


  • Originals are scaned with smithosiaon quaility machines

  • 18x24 is a typical size.


  • Able to put these on t-shirts, Phone cases, Mouse pads, etc. 

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Design Project Management
  • This entitles design projects from ground up to finished build.


  • Upon Agreeing to go forward on a project and signing a contract these phases below will be gone over more in depth.




  1. Phase 1 - Information Collection

  2. Phase 2 - Ideation Development

  3. Phase 3 - Concept Development

  4. Phase 4 - Concept Refinement

  5. Phase 5 - Detail design build complete