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1930's Handmade Car "Shotwell" "Philbert"

High quality archival prints of the original rendering of this One off design " The Shotwell Car"

aka "Philbert". 

These will be professionally shipped in a durable shipping tube.

These prints are 11x17" with a thick matte finish printed on a world class printer system.

These can be framed as well as just pinned up on a wall.

The original rendering was done with AD Markers, Airbrushes with Copic Ink, Colored Pencils, Pens, and more.

The Shotwell car is a 3 wheeled car built in the 1930's by Bob Shotwell. As a kid he asked his dad for a car. His dad told him well then you better make one. So Bob did by using Model A parts and various other parts. For the engine he used a 1931 Indian 4 cylinder motorcycle engine. The car was used around the Nevis, MN area for years. The car originally was a dark blue. Later in life Bob asked if Jay Leno would take the car to be preserved and not destroyed. Jay Leno said yes and sent up a car hauler to Nevis and took it back to California. Jay has done some minor tweaks to the car to make it more of a reliable driver. Jay also painted the the car as it is in the rendering. In the background of the rendering is my hand overlay of Bob's original blueprints that he hand drawn up to make the car. I felt it would be a very cool idea to have the before art and after art all in one piece. I copied letter for letter and line for line. Please copy the link below to read on Popular Mechanics the full article. The other link is a YouTube video of Jay leno telling the story and driving the car. Enjoy!

1930's Handmade Car "Shotwell" "Philbert"

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