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     TJ is a 2016 graduate of College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, MI, with a BFA in Industrial/Transportation Design. Born and raised in MN, TJ grew up with a pencil in hand while enjoying all things motorized. In junior high he began focusing his efforts towards automotive illustration and design, and at 17 began his own commissioned automotive art business.  This early work helped to hone his artistic skills, and eventually earned him a scholarship to CCS, with continued academic successes.


     Since 2009, TJ's art has been enjoyed & embraced by a wide range of clients. The majority of his work on the  'Illustration Page' was created pre-college as well as during college. These renderings were created 100% by hand, without digital aid, using markers, airbrush, pens, colored pencils, and gouache paint. 


     Tj's personal & artistic passions include Hot Rods, Motorcycles, Power Sports & Automotive Design, Model Making, 3D Prototyping, Clay Modeling, Concept Design, & various Fabrication disciplines & Woodworking. 

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